Over 60 Titles Across 50 Industries and 1.3 Million Subscribers

U.S. Masterfile Lists

BNP Media subscribers consist of the most highly sought-after business owners, corporate and middle managers, sales & marketing, engineering and other key business professionals available.

U.S. Postal Masterfile

BNP Media’s database contains some of the most significant mailing lists on the market. BNP Media offers prime executives from over 60 titles across 50+ industries. Select from high growth key business markets such as manufacturing, architecture, construction, food, packaging, industrial machinery, service and much more.

Email Masterfile

The Internet has become the go-to place for business professionals to research and purchase products and services. The success of email marketing has become the critical component in reaching these professionals at the right place at the right time. Email is fast and cost-effective. BNP Media's email mailing lists database contains the most significant email lists on the market.

Telemarketing Masterfile

Telemarketing is an extremely effective way to generate business and boost customer awareness. BNP Media’s Telemarketing Masterfile allows you to telephone business executives working in manufacturing, security systems, architecture and construction, food and packaging, HVACR, industrial machinery and plumbing.