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Multichannel Marketing

When you choose the BNP Media subscriber files for your next multichannel campaign, you are in a position to reach top-level decision-makers

Multichannel Marketing Lists

Multichannel marketing lists leverage your marketing power even further! With the BNP Media Multichannel Database, there’s no longer any need to choose between postal, email or telemarketing delivery–your message will be delivered through all three channels to the same prospect! Multichannel delivery strengthens and supports the marketing message as prospects receive follow-up information via different media. Results show this triple hit increases response rates significantly.

Choose the BNP Media subscriber files for a multichannel campaign and you will be in a position to reach decision-makers who are responsible for purchasing/specifying products and services, organizational leadership, and company growth. These business leaders have proven responsive to offers including tools, cellular, hardware, CAD, relevant seminars, insurance, financial, advancement courses, uniforms, and other industrial products and services.

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